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Project „Children like us“ proposal.

Short annotation of project

This project was developed to call students‘ attention to their pals who are „different, but also like us“. We would like to examine the stereotypes existing about us and how we can fight against them and show the real world with its diversity. Pupils will meet SEN children in both countries and work with them together. They will feel that these kids are sensitive and can share the same feelings as others. The title of the project refers to this. In our project we would like to make children aware that being different in this world of variety is needed. This diversity is good and it moves the world on. Our project is strongly connected to the theme of the ACES cycle as it is about stereotypes and handicapped children who have difficulties in our world but according to their efforts could reach success in life and have a whole life like others. The project would be the continuation of the Czech partner’s previous projects but on an international level. We would like to what are the effects of global warming essay strengthen the cooperation between the two schools having different backgrounds. In one school, SEN children are integrated but in the other school, there are special schools for these pupils. According to a previous project, the Czech school established close contact with another institute which has the same aged pupils with special needs of a physical and/or intellectual nature. There are dramatic differences in nearly every respect among pupils, but these children are nevertheless peers and friends and it is absolutely vital that we ensure they are given opportunities equal to any other group of children. Our project proposes not only scholastic cooperation, but through practical activities children will collaborate and cooperate together. Students took part in the implementation period so their interest towards the project is certain


The project web pages of our Hungarian partner are on this link.

ACES strategy is completely introduced in this phenomenal video clip.

Full presentation of Children like us project a its achievments follows:

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